Raw Material


The logs used as raw materials in the timber production come 100% from suppliers which are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certificate Holders, certification for forest management operations that meet the standard regulations relating to the sustainability and the environmental and social impact. Today, Holz Expert Industry has the equipment and the machinery needed for log exploitation directly in the forest, the equipment necessary for log transportation, owning the entire chain of timber exploitation, transportation and production. This gives a highly superior advantage, thus giving the clients the best quality for their products, at a very competitive price.



1. Timber

HOLZ EXPERT INDUSTRY  produces its work on a number of kinds of timber of various sizes and, depending on customer requirements such as:

  • trimmed wood
  • construction wood, sectional boards, panels, flooring
  • elements for the construction of the wooden houses
  • timber and DIY (Do It Yourself) market elements.

2. Other products

  • accessories for packaging (pallet elements, laths, slats etc.)
  • wood wastes (which can be used as fuel or raw materials in the industry of stratified products, cellulose and paper)